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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Tree services can be put together to include all services that are done with the main aim of taking care for the trees which can be found both in natural and built environments and include services such as pruning, trimming, thinning, felling, tree removal as well as stump grinding. This is usually done for various purposes such as obtaining raw materials for the timber industry. Tree services are also done so as to get rid of pest infested trees and branches so that they don’t spread to other trees and also they help in making roads more clear to see roadsides where there are many trees on the sides of the road. Ensuring safety during tree service activity is important to avoid accidents by following safety rules and also having protective clothing. Tree services require the use of appropriate tools in pruning, trimming, thinning, felling, tree removal, stump grinding among other services. Tree services mostly take place in built environments which include roadside, urban as well as suburban landscapes.

Tree removal is part of tree services offered. When risks to the health of surrounding vegetation, trees, and people outweigh the benefits of a given tree, tree removal is usually the last option. A tree that is threatening the beauty and appearance of a given landscape usually end up being removed. Properly trained and qualified professionals are required to remove a tree to avoid damage to the surrounding plants and structure. Tree removal in a given surround will be dependent on the condition of the landscape, how the branches have been structured and also the condition of the tree itself. Protection of vegetation and structures such as buildings, electricity cables, and telephone cables is important during tree removal hence suitable tools and equipment are use. Tree removal will help them enhance the health of surrounding vegetation since it will lead to proper growth and development of competing species.

Tree removal usually leaves behind tree stumps. Stump grinding is necessary so as to remove a stump where it is crushed into very small pieces reducing its size to the ground level. A stump grinder or a stump cutter is used in stumped grinding where it is fitted with a high speed rotating cutting disc which cuts the stump and the roots into very small pieces. Stump grinding helps avoid establishment of pests such as termites incase the stump is left to decay. A stumps has also high chances for suckers o develop which do not have a good appearance hence stump grinding ensures that they do not sprout hence enhance appearance of a landscape.

Deciding to remove a tree is usually tough hence one should seek alternatives to avoid it during the process of tree development. Avoiding tree removal can be done through ensuring proper maintenance and care to enhance their vigor and longevity.

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