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What is Empowerment Training?

Empowerment is regarded as a desirable state to be attained, however, it’s good to first know how to empower ourselves before being empowered. The proper meaning of being empowered is having power over ones live and being mature enough to understand that your power does not intimidate or is over other peoples powers. Living in a self-dependency way and being able to realize that your responsibilities are your basics to take care of, and being self-dependant though not ignoring others and making yourself as an island but it’s to co- exist with respect with all other people.

Truth is always the best weapon, empowerment starts in our lives when we start by accepting our truth this is to mean we accept who we rely are, once our accept that and start living as per that truth already we have empowered ourselves a bit. When thinking of empowerment training courses there are some issues that one needs to understand that they rely hinder us from becoming fully empowered once we arable to understand them we can be able to know how to overcome them. One of the main obstacles to empowerment that should be discussed in all empowerment training courses is the social conditioning, since most people have been conditioned to give away their power to others that’s why people hardly question the way things are done since that’s how it is used to be and is deemed wrong to question such.

In most cases our empowerment will be hindered by the fact that many people have low esteem such that they don’t even trust themselves , that being the case its even hard for such a ,person even to speak out his mind since he has even self-doubts, therefore in order to attain the necessary empowerment ,people must uplift their morale. On that point we can also note that ignorance that is unable to identify once self is also contributory to lack of empowerment, it’s not possible to empower ourselves if we don’t understand ourself. Not only does fear prevents us from reaching our desired goal but also prevents us from being self-reliant and clouds our sight such that we are unable to reach our potential, therefore it would be quite in order if let go of the fear and reach towards our goal of realizing our power.

Empowerment can not be reached if one is not knowledgeable ,lack of knowledge is yet another factor that highly hinders empowerment, but with correct knowledge one has chances of being empowered and not only does he empower himself but also he adds knowledge to his store.

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