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Day Light Saving Time – Why Abolish It

Why does daylight saving time or DST persist up to this moment and why is it even started in the first place? Two of the most common answers of people randomly asked of the said questions include helping those in the farming industry and second is due to World War I or II..However the truth of the matter is that many farmers are not really in consonant with daylight saving time. In some states, some people are against DST while others support it but in general many farmers are actually not in conformity with the DST. A number of farmers have their own scheduled time in waking up now just imagine the hassle they will have to undergo just to sell crops to clients who are following the daylight saving time.

When World War I broke out this daylight saving time approach was started to minimize the use of artificial lighting and of course the usage of fuel. After the First World War, it was not actually followed but then when Second World War was triggered this was once again followed by many people.

Gone were those days during Second World War. And so why is it that daylight saving time is still implemented.

Well, when a certain act was passed the alternating use of daylight saving time and standard time was implemented in different states. But the thing is the congress keep on changing this one. An example is when there was a year wherein daylight saving time was observed for the entire year. The DST system actually begins during the first Sunday of April and then it ends on the last Sunday of October, both the beginning and end is at 2 AM in those days. In the late 2000s, this was again changed. The system used nowadays for the DST begins on the second Sunday of March and then it will come to an end during the first Sunday of November.

Many historic things can be attributed to the roots of daylight saving time.

As years gone by many supporters provide a more relevant set of reasoning to support DST although the original reasons of enacting it is different.

The first reason they propose is safety. For others they think that if there is more daylight for the entire day, fewer cases of accidents will take place. However, id this really the case?

There might be some truth for this matter but there was a year wherein daylight time was observed yet an increased number of school bus accidents that took place in the morning which is contradictory to the first support they proposed.

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