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Criminal Defense: What If an Innocent is Charged With a Criminal Offense

Although the United States has one of the best justice systems in the world, it is not perfect. The justice system is existing in order to protect the rights of the citizens, to punish those who do wrong, and set the innocent free, but no system is perfect. What will you do if you are innocent of a criminal offense filed against you? What are the necessary steps you need to do in order to prove yourself innocent? Always bear in mind that being accused of a criminal offense is not the same as being convicted, and our justice system provides built-in protections so you or loved one can defend you by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to best legally represent you, to ensure that your innocence will be proven.

When you or your loved one is being arrested of a crime you did not commit, never resist arrest because it is not the perfect time to argue about your case, and resisting arrest is another separate crime. It is important to be respectful and polite because yelling at the arresting officers will only make matters worse. If you are in a threatening situation, do not hesitate to call the 911 or the emergency hotline because the first person who contacts 911 will always be considered as the victim. Although you may find it unfair, it has been proven many times that those who first contact the emergency hotline or 911 are regarded as victim, so the press, victim advocates, and the law enforcement support them, and at the same time saving unimaginable amount of stress, time, and money. Even if you are not the person being accused of a crime, it is best to exercise your right to remain silent and never talk to anyone without your criminal defense lawyer present because you may just say statements that may incriminate you and make you appear guilty of being involved in the crime. Never allow anyone to conduct a search in your house without a search warrant because this is also your right, and even if you’re not hiding anything, the police officers may objects or items that can be associated with the case that you are not involved in the first place.

It is expected that those who are arrested and accused of a crime means being treated guilty, and proving your innocence really comes with a high price tag, so hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you in proving your innocence before the court. Hiring a criminal defense attorney doesn’t mean you’re guilty of the charge, it only means that you’re just simply exercising your right. Are you looking for a trusted, expert, reliable, reputable, and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale? Feel free to check our homepage or website for more details now!

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