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The 90s fashion was highly influenced by its music. The fans copied almost every style they saw on musical videos of their favourite celebrity icons. The 90s, just like every other decade had certain costumes that trended at the time. We will reveal some top ideas which you can choose from and rock on your next themed party or Halloween celebration.

Hip Hop Fashion

The grunge fashion was popular in the 90s, but so was the hip-hop fashion. Known by the oversized, loose silhouettes, casual fabrics and sports touch, the hip-hop outfit was more popular in the urban areas. The hip-hop stars of the era created this fashion as they were always seen on them in their music videos. Thus, people drew inspiration from them.

Hoop Earrings

When it comes to accessories in the 90s, it was not just the chokers that sat around the neck. Women were often spotted wearing hoop earrings to add some attitude to their outfit. Remember that fashion in the 90s was kind of rebellious. These hoop earrings are ring-shaped and idea was to make them as bold as possible. They just had to be big enough to make a statement.


Your hair is a crucial part of your 90s outfit and without the appropriate accessories, your 90s look will be incomplete. Among the accessories used in the 90s, scrunchies were one of the most popular. This fabric covered elastic hair tie was used to fasten long hair. They came in different colors, fabrics and designs and could be worn with a bun, pigtail or ponytail. As an accessory, scrunchies can also be worn around the wrist or ankle despite it being made specifically as a hair accessory.

90s Hairstyles

The 90s as a decade featured unique hairstyles. This was an era of high … Read more

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Those Tempting Holiday Baskets Are The Perfect Gift Idea


When the days start to grow shorter and the holiday lights go up and the festive music starts to play, our thoughts suddenly turn to that yearly quandary regarding corporate gift ideas. Sure, picking out gifts for the special people in our lives can be a lot of fun, but it also takes some thinking and planning too. It’s easy to buy gifts for those we’re close to, as we know what they like. It’s a bit tougher for those we work with, however, as we need to keep things on a more “professional” level, even though we may have a lot of affection for the person.

Making The Right Selection

This is where gift buying can really get a bit tricky, as all the ideas we have for family and friends go out the window when we think about corporate associates. The good thing is that there is one always solid, always successful idea for those client gifts: Holiday gift baskets.

Gift baskets filled with scrumptious holiday treats are, as they say, always in the right size and the right color, and they are always welcome. No matter what a holiday basket is filled with, it should be incredibly tempting and utterly delicious. It’s okay to get utterly decadent too, because after all, it is the season, isn’t it? A holiday basket can be overflowing with a delicious assortment of gooey goodies, like divinity, miniature cheesecakes, fudge, and chocolates, nestled in place with gorgeous wrapping and a bottle of cognac, can’t it? Who can resist?

If you want to go with a more savory style, you can choose a basket that combines nuts, chocolates and cheese and wine, for a combination that is sure to make your client smile!

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Zippers For Your Fashion Clothing Design Needs

There are different sorts of zippers you can use for your sewing venture. One of the realized zipper types is isolating zippers.

Separating zippers available via fundamentally open at the base, which empowers both zipper’s sides to break apart as in coat zippers. Seperating zippers can be utilized relying upon the article of clothing. Teeth weight and length are the primary contemplations. Metal zippers gauge in excess of a plastic or polyester tooth zipper. For example, lightweight downy coats would droop with the metal zipper’s weight. Heavyweight fleece coats would welcome the unbending nature and quality of metal zippers wouldn’t droop from the weight. Isolating zippers are accessible also in reversible zippers.

Other Zipper Types

• All-Purpose Zippers

These are usually accessible in the market. It’s a lightweight zipper with little teeth. Its end accompanies a bolt that holds zipper tape together, which keeps the closures from breaking apart. It’s the sort of zipper utilized as conclusion in larger part of pieces of clothing. Shirts, slacks, skirts, and dresses are the sort of weight that needs universally handy zipper as this will in general twist with articles of clothing.

• Invisible Zippers

These are the zippers with fine teeth. These are sewn to the article of clothing in a way that these make zippers undetectable and covered up in the crease. The main part that is left obvious is its draw tab and will in general be less prominent or littler contrasted with different sorts of zippers. There is no requirement for best sewing for this. As a general rule, imperceptible zippers are utilized for formal wear sorts of garments. It won’t occupy from the stream or lines of an outfit. At the point when contrasted with normal kinds of zippers, at whatever point you are sewing in imperceptible … Read more


Halloween is an interesting holiday that comes only once in a year. One of the biggest deals about this holiday is the Halloween costume. At least, 70 percent of Americans celebrate Halloween, and they spend an average of $80 per costume for each person.

If you have a family of four or more, you’ll have to spend about $300 on costumes worn only once a year; sometimes for life. If you don’t want to spend that much, here are a few things you can do to help you reduce the cost of a Halloween costume for you and your family.


A lot of people do not want to wear their old Halloween costumes; which is understandable. But you can make something entirely different from your old costumes. That way, you’ll only need to spend little or nothing to put it together.

– You can combine two costumes to be one
– Change the color of the costume by dying it or spraying it with colors
– Make incisions on it
– Patch it up with smaller and cheaper costume

There a thousand and one ways to revamp your old costumes and make them appear like new.


There are some amazing DIY Halloween costumes that will simply take your breath away. Take for instance, you can

– Dress simply and use a body marker to make some unique effects on your face
– You can make a new costume from beginning to end using old clothes
– You can do a crazy hairstyle and make up, for you or your little child
– You can make unique Halloween toy costumes for your kids using cartons and then painting them afterwards to make them look cool.


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What You Should Know When Buying Vintage Watches

Part of the charm of vintage watches is their uniqueness and individual backstories. In recent years, we have seen a lot of growth in the community that surrounds these timeless timepieces. This is exciting news as it means that there are more pieces on the market, giving you a better selection than ever before.

However, because there are more vintage watches on the market, there are now a lot of imitation and modified pieces out there as well. Not only this, but the designs are now being copied by fashion brands such as Hugo Boss or Guess watches, muddying the pool even further. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of tips and things to look for in any vintage watch before you make a purchase.

Decide what’s important to you

Unlike watches that are still in production and can be customised to meet the desires of a customer, vintage watches come “as is” and there’s no guarantee that the watch you want will be on the market. For this reason, it’s important to decide what features are important to you in a watch before you start your search. This way, if you can’t find a perfect match, you’ll be able to find one with the features you care most about.

If you’re interested in a timepiece that will double as an investment, you’ll probably prioritise features that make the watch rare and in high demand. For instance, you may want to focus your search on timepieces that had small production runs or came from a historically important collection. Most importantly, you want to ensure that all parts of the watch are authentic and original. If you’re more attracted to the look and story behind a watch than the value it holds, you’ll probably prioritise features like … Read more

UK’s Voice Shopping Industry to Grow to £3.5bn by 2022

Millennials are increasingly adopting the new voice-based shopping trend that’s now made possible via voice-activated gadgets like the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Market experts are even predicting that this may be the next blooming trend in online retail. A noteworthy example is the research by OC&C Strategy Consultants suggesting that by 2022, UK will be spending a whopping £3.5bn in the voice commerce industry.

OC & C compares this to what the surfacing of smartphones did to the mobile commerce market. This sales method— made possible by smart speakers—commenced in 2014 with the launch of Amazon’s Echo and has been gaining popularity since then. Almost 10 percent of households in the United Kingdom already have a smart speaker— a number that’s projected to increase to 5 times by 2022.

This study shows that in 2017, 45 percent of homeowners made a purchase using their gadgets – a figure that surprisingly beat the expectations of many. Currently, voice shopping is valued at £0.2bn, which is 0.1 percent of total e-commerce revenue but is anticipated to shoot to £3.5bn in the coming five years as more buyers familiarize with the tech.

According to OC&C, voice technology has developed to an extent consumers can use it as their primary means of shopping for purchases of low-priced goods like groceries. Up to now, Amazon Echo is at the top of the list of voice shopping.

The surveyors also feel that the only way brands can grow in the voice commerce sector is to use Amazon’s approach— providing a range of items to pick from every time a customer calls. Because buyers are most likely to purchase goods recommended by Amazon, therefore being able to provide different choices have helped them triple their volume of sales.


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Marijuana As Cancer Drug For Children

Did you know that Marijuana can also be used as a medicine? Currently there are still many people who only know that marijuana is a substance that is widely used by drug addicts and other negative things, and is considered as a substance that is harmful to the brain and health, but now has a lot of research that proves that marijuana can also be used as drugs and medicinal ingredients that can kill cancer cells and stop the development of cancer cells.

Marijuana contains active chemicals that can increase the appetite of cancer patients. Active chemicals in marijuana THC can increase appetite and the ability of the tongue or sense of taste in patients with advanced cancer. If you want treatment for your health, not only in cancer patients, you can consult Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors who will provide treatment and therapy for your health.

Marijuana is only known to have a bad reputation for health, but it also has a good effect on cancer patients. In addition, cancer patients can also enjoy food and reduce the desire to overeat to get enough nutritional intake of food or not excessive. You can visit “Florida Medical Marijuana” to find relevant information.

In addition to only treatment of cancer patients, marijuana can also increase the concentration of various therapies when the patient loses focus and response to therapy.

You must choose a licensed medical institution as well as an authorized health inspection body, you may consult Marijuana Doctors in Florida.… Read more

Marijuana Beneficial for Health and Medicine

Here are the benefits of marijuana for health and medicine. In modern times today, many countries are beginning to liberate their inhabitants to own and consume marijuana, albeit with a limited amount. These marijuana plants work by being absorbed through the lungs or through the stomach then enter the bloodstream and into the brain.

Many think that consuming marijuana done with smoking, then sucked and can give a sense of fun and relaxed to its users, and to increase appetite.

Here we summarize some of the benefits of marijuana that you may use as a reference for your therapy or even your treatment, we recommend that you wish to do marijuana treatment therapy to contact Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors in order to benefit maximally marijuana therapy. Here are the benefits of marijuana are:

  1. Marijuana as a Cancer Cell Killer

Marijuana can be one of the drugs in cancer healing therapy, namely by using chemicals contained in marijuana called cannabidiol, which can kill cancer cells and stop the spread of cancer cells throughout the body.

Doing marijuana treatment therapy should be in a professional agency such as “All Natural Health Certifications” who are experienced and have a professional qualification in marijuana treatment therapy.

  1. Marijuana Can Cure Multiple Sclerosis Disease.

Marijuana can also be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. As is known, multiple sclerosis is a disease that attacks the nervous system that causes damage to the central nervous system. Multiple sclerosis diseases will damage the nervous system that causes damage and disturbance in the delivery of messages from the brain on other body parts and vice versa.

  1. Marijuana Can Relieve Pain in Epilepsy Disease.

Cannabidiol substances contained in cannabis plants are effective in relieving pain in the brain, pain in the brain is one of the factors … Read more