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An Extraordinary Mom-How to Be One

No two moms can raise their children the same way, and it is good to understand that no ones way is bad. The best thing you can do right now is STOP looking at other moms to see what they are doing and take a good look at you and what it is you do.

It is good to understand and accept that a mom is also a sister, human, friend, woman as well as a mother and embrace those. You cannot share what you do not have it is therefore good to have acceptance and self-love first before you can pass them to them. Be happy with who you are.

Have affirmations on slips of paper. Just write down what makes you a unique mom and makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Take those qualities and make an affirmation out of it, so if you think that “understanding” is a quality write “I am understanding,” and tape it to the mirror, carry it in your pocket, post it on the fridge and every time you see it, say it to yourself, close your eyes and really think that statement. The key to you being the extraordinary mom you already are is that you have to believe it about yourself. Affirmations will help you with that.

The other tip is to make sure that you celebrate each milestone that your baby takes. It is so easy to get side-tracked just caring for your baby, that often new mothers forget to cherish the magical moments each day.

The other good thing to do is to make sure that you keep a journal of all the special moments that the baby has had and make it a point of focusing on new experience. You may write about how the baby has responded to new food or even how you were able to persevere and show patience during a hard time.

Tip Four:Pamper yourself regularly. Most of the time, mom’s always do things for other people before considering themselves, it may be good to do something for yourself. All of us moms are guilty of this.

Sometimes, many of us feel guilty of spending money on ourselves instead of on children. the world cannot end when you give yourself thirty minutes or less. Get a facial, take a bath, go tanning, buy a new lotion, paint your toenails! If you do not take the time to care for yourself you can’t really care for anyone else.

One should be able to really seek for help. We all think that asking for help is admitting weakness. On the contrary, asking for help shows strength. Of importance, it is important and healthy to ask for help. One should be able to admit they are not perfect to fit in the mom world.

Why Help Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Why Help Aren’t As Bad As You Think