The 90s fashion was highly influenced by its music. The fans copied almost every style they saw on musical videos of their favourite celebrity icons. The 90s, just like every other decade had certain costumes that trended at the time. We will reveal some top ideas which you can choose from and rock on your next themed party or Halloween celebration.

Hip Hop Fashion

The grunge fashion was popular in the 90s, but so was the hip-hop fashion. Known by the oversized, loose silhouettes, casual fabrics and sports touch, the hip-hop outfit was more popular in the urban areas. The hip-hop stars of the era created this fashion as they were always seen on them in their music videos. Thus, people drew inspiration from them.

Hoop Earrings

When it comes to accessories in the 90s, it was not just the chokers that sat around the neck. Women were often spotted wearing hoop earrings to add some attitude to their outfit. Remember that fashion in the 90s was kind of rebellious. These hoop earrings are ring-shaped and idea was to make them as bold as possible. They just had to be big enough to make a statement.


Your hair is a crucial part of your 90s outfit and without the appropriate accessories, your 90s look will be incomplete. Among the accessories used in the 90s, scrunchies were one of the most popular. This fabric covered elastic hair tie was used to fasten long hair. They came in different colors, fabrics and designs and could be worn with a bun, pigtail or ponytail. As an accessory, scrunchies can also be worn around the wrist or ankle despite it being made specifically as a hair accessory.

90s Hairstyles

The 90s as a decade featured unique hairstyles. This was an era of high materialism. The “Rachel” hairstyle was the most popular of all. The “mini buns” was another hairstyle ladies rocked back then. The style, otherwise known as Bantu knots became popular after Gwen Stefani was seen rocking it on red carpets. You can create these knots by sectioning off hair into diamond, square or triangular shapes and twisting the strands into small, tight knots all over the head. Other hairstyles include the Flipped-out Bob hairstyles, crimped hairstyle and the Box Braid hairstyle.

90s footwear

The crazy grunge fashion of the 1990s had to be complemented with heavy-duty, lace-up combat boots. Men and women alike were seen rocking these tough, gritty shoes and they were paired with anything from slip dresses to ripped jeans, floral and flannel shirts. The iconic Dr Martens designs were quite trendy at the time. The comfy Birkenstocks also had its way and were worn in different colors and designs.