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Personalized Postcard Printing

Before you jump to the bandwagon that postcard printing is the best marketing tool you can have, it’s vital that you know what personalized postcard printing is about. Actually, there are 4 aspects of printing postcards and these include the size, paper stock, design file formats as well as coatings. To assure that you’re getting only the best quality there is, each aspect shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In relation to the postcard sizes, it doesn’t actually mean that there is a one size fits all. The reason for this is that, different sizes require different printing equipment. You might not believe it but just a minute modification on the size of your postcard is enough to have a change of pricing. Before you print the postcards, it will be a good idea if you are going to get some quotations from the printing company first. By doing so, it will show you figures that you need to settle for the postcards.

There are basically a couple of aspects for paper stock that you must be mindful about and these can be matte or glossy. It is ideal if you are going to use CS2 and C1S stock if you want to print full color on your personalized postcards.

In C1S stock, one side of it is glossy and one side is matte while when you are using a CS2 stock, both sides have been given a glossy finish. Between these options, what was mostly used is the C1S due to the reason that the ink in postcard printing isn’t drying up on the glossy part of paper stock so by that, they lead in printing on matte side of the stock.

When it comes to design file formats, it is vital that you inquire the printing company for the file format they’re accepting. Even though there are printing companies that accept various file formats, still some use limited formats and software programs for the creation of design. What such companies do is converting personalized postcard design file in a format that’s accepted by the printing equipment.

Finishing is as important as the first couple of steps mentioned for postcard printing. The aqueous coating and UV coating are the two very popular type of postcard coating or finishing used today. If you want to achieve that shiny feel and look to your postcard, then you better opt for the latter.

Aqueous coating however is providing minimal gloss or shine and it entails faster printing processes of the postcard. The reason here is that, aqueous coatings dry fast and for that, it is not hindering continuous printing process.

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